Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last day of the year

Well so glad that the wind as dropped even though, at the moment, the rain is still coming down but it looks like it might be clearing over Manchester.
We had the early morning visit from the Canadian geese, they are noisy when coming into land just after it starts getting light so you can't really miss them. They then just stare at you through the port holes making you feel guilty that you haven’t got anything for them. Although we were a bit naughty this morning we gave them some home-made bread, which they survived and didn't sink so all was good.
A little chillier this morning compared to what we have had so the fire might get a couple of lumps of coal more this morning.
We will probably stay here until Saturday then pop off to Bollington to do our laundry then come back Monday to see Peter at Braidbar about sorting out a few things with the boat.

The geese must have liked the bread they are still being hopeful!

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