Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Keeping cool?

Lots of friends and family in the south have asked how we’ve kept cool over summer, well, put the fire on frequently is my answer. I’ve only sat out late to watch the bats just twice this year and we’ve needed all our blankets on the bed with the summer quilt.


We are having an amazing time relaxing and walking up the nice big hills of the Peak District and mooring in familiar places. John’s done a bit of routine maintenance and painted the bow locker.

I have knitted a hand spun blanket for Nikita’s first Brownie pack holiday at the end of the month. I’d planned to sew all of Heather’s and my Brownie & Guide badges onto it for her, but the wool’s so springy I think the stitching would pull, so I brought a synthetic fleece blanket and sewed the badges onto it instead, so she’ll be very cosy with two blankets. I’ve completed 3 rag rugs and now have no old clothes left to shred!!

We had our second trip up to the ‘White Nancy’ in Bollington. A very steep climb up, which is an excellent work out and the views are breath taking over the Cheshire Plain and Manchester. It was built as a Victorian summer house which now has it’s door bricked up. Last time we were there it was painted to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, now it’s been redone since the Manchester terrorist attack. 


We were disappointed with our walk up to Bollinhurst Reservoirs, on the edge of the Lyme Hall estate in Disley, as you aren’t able to walk along the shore. It was a tremendous climb up the hill to get there and the views were excellent. 


 We just had to go and see the ‘pee stones’, that we’d heard about, where the lads from Oldknow’s Mill relieved themselves after the long walk up before going to church.


Someone had left the ground paddle up over night and drained the pound, so John called CRT to inform them a hire boat full of Norwegians were stuck on Marple flight of locks.

Heather made us some sun catchers which we gave to ‘New Horizons’ the charity boat in Marple for them to sell for their funds.


Lance had his 2nd birthday and we caught the train and bus over to them for the day. As it was the bank holiday weekend Ada & Dale were there too. We had an excellent day celebrating together.

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