Sunday, 3 December 2017

Socialising and getting in a pickle!

I’m a bit late doing my pickles for Christmas, but they’re all done now. I’ve never had such big pickling onions before.


At the moment we’re at Marsworth again. We got here last Wednesday in time for the knit, natter & drink at The Red Lion. Prior to this we were at Apsley as it was easy for us to catch the National Express coach. John was so pleased to be able to attend the ‘Gentlemen’s Curry Club’ in Luton after being away for a couple of years, this involves meeting at a pub then toddling off to an Indian restaurant for a buffet lunch then back to the pub. I caught the coach after him & went to Hitchin for afternoon tea with Hitchin Stitchin and we managed to meet on the same coach to get back to Hemel Hempstead.

Rising Sun Lock

There is a navigation restriction on the Marsworth flight of locks due to a faulty pump and very low water levels in the Tring reservoirs. We had a little wait one day as the paddle on the bottom lock gate at The Rising Sun had broken completely, it gave us the opportunity to have a chat with one of the CRT lads that John knew from lock keeping at Soulbury. The lads had immobilised the paddle and we were able to continue up the lock. These gates are due to be replaced in the new year.

KGT dinner

Last Sunday our friend Richard from our motor cycle club the KGT picked us up and took us to the annual Christmas dinner, which was in Huntingdon.  We last attended 3 years ago…..time just flies.

We aren’t too impressed as once again the public transport here in the south let us down. Friday we planned to catch the last bus, at 18.08 to go to Ada’s future mother-in-law Lynn’s surprise birthday party. We waited 30 minutes past it’s due time & then decided to enquire at The Grand Junction pub about a taxi, our first taxi since we’ve lived on the boat, a HUGE shock to the purse. We had a lovely evening.

Birthday party

Dale and the birthday girl

Freya Jones with her hand woven tea towel

Saturday my friends Yvonne & Mike picked me up to go to a knitting & spinning day at an amazing shop ‘Freya Jones’ in Stoke Mandeville. I only brought 300g of fibre though. 

Fibre heaven at Freya Jones
Freya Jones shop


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