Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Visiting and knitting and bits in between the wedding

John & me in the front seat



On the day Brad & Arlene were delayed we decided to go ahead with our original plans, to spend the day gongoozling along the Regent Canal & Paddington Basin and then go to ‘Wicked’ with Lyn & Kevin. While we were standing on the bridge looking at all the boats in Paddington Basin & right beside St. Mary’s Hospital A&E, Edmund just happened to be taking a patient there. It was so lovely to see him & Ella, sit in their ambulance & press their ‘available’ button, which immediately said they needed to blue light to an unconscious patient, so a very brisk good-bye. We’d arrange to meet up the following week on our way back from waving Brad & Arlene off on Thursday, as both Ella & Edmund needed help with their knitting.

Paddington Basin with A&E window top left



Thursday lunch time as planned we met Edmund & Ella at Ladbroke Grove & we had pizza in Portobello Road and a knitting tutorial, which we carried on in The Elgin Arms, Ladbroke Grove. Edmund’s boyfriend Josh just happened to be on his lunch break & joined us for a pint too. It was quite shocking to see the burnt out skeleton of Glenfell Towers from Ladbroke Grove.

Pam Sandra & me

Last Friday by Apsley Marina

Sandra and Pam from Hitchin Stitchin popped in to see us while we were at Apsley, they didn’t bring any knitting though. The day before I’d managed to do some knitting in the warm sunshine by Apsley Marina.

We had a mega trip to the launderette at Apsley as we’d used up all our towels & bed linen with our wedding guests. We got the machines going & John settled to read his book & I was puzzled as to where my knitting was…….Oh NO, we’d shoved it into a hot wash, luckily my sock with it’s 5 needles stayed in it’s bag, however, the pattern had turned into paper mache & had embedded into the sock and the ball of wool, it was fine and I just unpicked the sock & wound the yarn into a hank, shook it to get the bits of paper & it looks fine.

Our niece Alice & her boyfriend Mason came today for a ride & we went down 4 locks winded (turned around) & came back up the same 4 locks to moor right near Alice’s house. 
Mason steering

Hunton Bridge lock


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  1. Oh no loosing your knitting is disastrous but watching it going for a spin must have been a nightmare. Glad you were able to unravel it.