Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Well, we are not starting off on a good foot here are we?

Well, we are not starting off on a good foot here are we? It's been 7 days since we moved on and we have not written anything, so here is a brief synopsis of what has happened so far.
Drove up to Higher Poynton from Luton silly o'clock on Tuesday morning. Spend all of the day putting our stuff on boat, finding space to put said stuff and Peter showing the bits we needed to know so that we could spend the night on board at the boatyard.
Wednesday, moved out from boatyard and moored up just next to boatyard, Peter then went into more in-depth stuff about plumbing and electrics. Spent our second night there, next day Peter came and went over everything we needed to know about the engine room.

Thursday we moored at Marple.

We met Edmund at New Mills on the Peak Forest Canal Friday. 
He spent the weekend with us at Bugsworth Basin where we were joined by Heather, Jason, Nikita, Magnus & Lance on Sunday.
Martina baked 3 dozen mince pies and chocolate chip cookies ready for the family's visit. A large pot of boat made soup fed all 7 of us.


Monday was our first day alone on the boat. We moored at Disley.

Tuesday we moored just south of Marple as we needed to use the launderette. Sadly there's a 6 week delay in our washing machine being delivered.

So far we've had only a few spots of rain while cruising, but it's been pretty windy.

We're looking forward to Ada & Dale visiting Wednesday on their way back from visiting Heather. They both haven't seen the boat since it was launched on Ada's birthday way back in July. There are few teething problems the Braidbar lads need to sort out.

Christmas eve sees us heading to Heather's for Christmas. They will drop us back at the boat Sunday and will be keeping our car.

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