Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Confiscated knitting!!!

So, I had my knitting confiscated at Blackburn Cathedral by the security guard who checked my bag before allowing me into the crypt for my second Covid injection!!! Luckily, I got it back afterwards.

We have had a wonderful time actually seeing family in ‘real life’ and not on the computer screen. However, we did a Zoom for Samantha’s birthday.

My sister Samantha & her husband Paul popped to see Ada’s new house on John’s birthday. We had a wonderful BBQ.

Another of my sisters, Louise, came for a few days and stayed at a motel, which we could moor right opposite, just perfect. She’s not seen our little folk for almost two years and was keen to see both Heather & Ada’s new houses.

It was such a treat to have a meal out together, but we had two tables as there were 10 of us.

Thank goodness I have a reliable galley slave!!

The grandchildren came to stay for a few days. We weren’t right by their house, but a short stroll along the towpath. After ice cream for breakfast, we headed to Duxbury Park, so they could play in the River Yarrow.


It was a very hot day, so it was just perfect under the trees along the river valley.

We had a ‘float off’, Nikita made a paper boat with a generous sellotape exterior, which floated pretty well.

Magnus got upset as his just paper one disintegrated. I suggested colouring a whole sheet of paper both sides with wax crayon, tad-ah, a super boat that floated.

One day our hearts were in our mouths as we watched a combine harvester & 3 tractors with trailers go over a rather small bridge over the bi-wear, then along an off side canal path over the aqueduct over the River Yarrow.

There are lots of goslings, and I’ve deleted lots of photos of them.

We have met a couple of swans with much smaller broods than our neighbours last year, who had 9 cygnets.

This shoal, if that’s what you call lots of tadpoles, fascinated us. We guess there are safety in numbers.

There have been some super sunsets, even if we were only able to see their reflections.

The last full moon almost blinded us, it was like daylight.

Monday we spent at Martin Mere Wetland Centre for Magnus’ birthday, lucky for him, there was a teacher training day.


Tuesday, 18 May 2021


We’ve spent just over a week in Adlington.

View back to the bridge and the park opposite.

On one of our walks we got a bit lost as the footpath was signed to go right through the middle of a quarry. We ended up in what we guess is a disused paintball circuit.

Once we got back on track we were waylaid some considerable time while I fondled my new boyfriend behind the ears….he loved it.

Last week we set off to walk up to Rivington Pike, near Winter Hill. You can see the hills for miles around, and we’ve talked about going there many times. We decided to nip into Horwich for a spot of lunch before the ascent. Horwich is a thriving little town, which appears to have retained it’s small independent shops. I did some Christmas shopping!! There were many pubs (due to open yesterday I guess) and a pub crawl would need to be split over more than one trip.

As we headed out of the town we spied a small brewery in a side street whose front seating area appeared to have customers, so we investigated. What a friendly bunch the locals were, we chatted all afternoon…….so put it this way, we’ll have to walk up to the pike another day….

A view of Rivington Pike from Black Edge Brewery.

As we strolled home after a jolly enjoyable afternoon we watched a barn owl out looking for his tea.

We decided to have a small pop up Jubilee Fibres shop this weekend which made it easy to whip indoors once the sky opened.



A 30th birthday party paddle boarded past us!!!

When we were moored by Frederick’s ice cream shop we heard a roar outside. Heather was much closer to the hot air balloon than us on her morning dog walk.


We managed to not buy ice cream every day while moored there.

We had some great walks through what is now gorgeous landscapes left from the industrial scars!!!

We thoroughly explored Duxbury Park and alone its bit of the River Yarrow. We found some pretty painted pebbles.

I just love the way the ferns uncurl as the leaves come out.

The scent of the bluebells was overwhelming and in other parts of the woods the smell of wild garlic filled the air.








We decided to set a couple of Geocache travel bugs out on a journey from Duxbury Park. We’ve had the tags since the kids were small and had travel bugs. The idea is, people find the geocache and take the bug to another cache. It’s fun to see where the bugs end up and how far they travel.

We have had some nice sunny days interspersed with some humdingers of thunder & hail storms.

We’ve had the fire on most days, and I’ve done lots of spinning and knitting.