Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Nice morning

Yesterday we walked down into Poynton to get some provisions and a pint, not too many people about in town but a lot of walkers around, the car park at Nelson Pit was full and they were parking up the roads.
Well after a couple of days of wet and windy weather, and last night was windy so glad we got the large rope fenders for the sides they stopped us banging against the bank.
This morning has dawned bright but cool. Tonight and tomorrow are expected to be quite nasty, wet and very windy. I hope all those that are already suffering from the weather are going to be OK.
We are going to have a bit of a repeat of yesterday, going into Poynton to pick up a few things we forgot/couldn't fit in rucksacks. Also hope they are in the boatyard today so that we can use their washing machine as ours is still not ready to be delivered.

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