Friday, 15 January 2016

First chilly day.

Yesterday we were in Braidbars dock getting some finishing touches done to Burnt Oak, we have had a problem with the grill as in it lights then 5 mins later it goes out. We have had an engineer call out and change one of the overheat sensors but that didn't work and he didn't like the 200 mile round trip to fit the gas valve, which the help switchboard said was the problem. So they convinced Peter to fit the gas valve, which surprise surprise was not the problem. Now we are waiting for a thermocouple to arrive today so Peter can fit that, that should work as they have changed everything else!
Went down to Poynton yesterday to do some shopping and a couple of pints, it was a nice walk back, chilly and the moon was out so we had a feeling that it was going to be a cold night. We were not surprised to find the canal frozen this morning. Andy at The trading Post did a bit of ice breaking with a stick and the ice was thicker than we thought. We need to be out of the dock today so we can fill up the diesel and water tanks and get some coal and we need to get up to Marple so we can dry the washing, hopefully the ice will not hang around for long. We are happy now the washing machine is fitted and working, now all we are waiting for is the chimneys to arrive, at the moment we are using the chimney from Tiree, their hire boat, they should be arriving today.

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