Friday, 22 January 2016

New Mills

Well we are so glad we went for a walk yesterday, it has been raining very persistently all night only just looking like clearing up now at midday.
Yesterday we had a walk to New Mills, we had a quick walk around when we picked our son up from the station so he could spend the weekend with us, we liked the look of the place so decided another gander was needed.
We walked down the river Goyt along the Goyt way which went into the Millennium way walkway,
if you have never been, go, it's a lovely walk around where Rock and Torr mills. The engineering involved is very impressive also the railway line was built above, couldn't imagine laying all those bricks.
There is a hydro station the site of Torr mills which when we visit wasn't too well, Archie the Archimedes screw had broken a lower bearing and was hoping to be fixed soon. The blog for the station shows how much electricity has been produced, 

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