Sunday, 10 January 2016


Thursday we decided to have a day out so we got a train from Poynton to Stockport. Peter suggested the we get the train from Middlewood station, which has not got any vehicle access to it, because it was nearer but we had already sorted out what train we were going to get. Poynton is a nice old station with a proper waiting room with table and chairs, not what we are used to down south.
We needed to go to a biggish place so that we could find a B&Q, Argos, Pets at Home and assorted other large shops that are not in Poynton. Never having been to Stockport I was pleased to find that a lot of the old parts were still intact and not hidden under a 'Mall'. Although I guess there was a few older streets under the newer looking shopping area. We spent the day getting all the stuff we needed, I don't want to know how far we had walked but we saw some interesting buildings and how high the rivers that go through the town had got with all the rain that has come down over the last days. We had a pint and something to eat in the Wetherspoons, which we where not impressed with, it reminded us a little of the one in Watford.
The train we got back was running 10 mins late and was standing room only, a young lad was moaning about the number of passengers on the train, I said this wasn't too bad as there is a space between us all. I told him this was nothing, have a journey on the London underground in the rush hour, then moan. Turns out he was doing a coaching scholarship and Man City and he couldn't wait until Saturday when he picks his new car up, I wished him well and the best of luck with Man city when we got off.
Tuesday we hope to go into the boatyard to have a few things tweaked and the washing machine fitted, the engine is coming up for it's first service at 50 hours so I am going to do the oil change for the gearbox and the engine whilst Peter watches over me for the first one, then I should be OK for the subsequent ones.

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  1. Loving your new blog can't wait to see the boat. Cheryl