Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A little bit of ice

We were due to come out of the boatyard on Friday morning but Peter advised against moving out until later in the day to see if another boat came through to brake the ice. It wasn't until about midday that one came and turned in the winding hole which gave us a window to nip out to get some fuel and water then follow the hole in the ice to moorings just down from the boatyard.
When we awoke the next morning Jack Frost had visited and refroze the ice, we were not going anywhere for a couple of days, had a chat with the chap on the fuel boat, he was hoping to come though but decided against it, he had just had his bottom sand blasted and blacked (nope nothing to do with a few pints and a curry!).
Monday the fuel boat finally came through doing a little bit of ice-breaking and the ice was totally gone by Tuesday. The sound of the ice braking is amazing loud, we've been told that it can pierce GRP cruisers.
Today we decided that we would have a little trip out to Marple then on to Bugsworth, didn't go has planned nowhere to moor at Marple so we went on and found a spot just outside Disley. The weather brightened up just after Marple and the sun finally showed it's face and it turn out to be a nice day, even sat at the front and had a cuppa until the sun went down and the temperature dropped like a stone. Now sat in front of a nice warm stove and enjoying another cuppa whilst I type.
Might stay here a couple of days then move onto Bugsworth.

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