Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Leaving Busworth Basin for Marple

Leaving Bugsworth Upper Basin
We woke up this morning with a smattering of snow all around, the hills looked bright in the sunlight, when it decided to peek out from behind the clouds.
Getting water before leaving Busworth
We had to move on from Bugsworth because our time was up and we needed to get some laundry time in, so we were off to Marple.
We had a problem closing swing bridge No 30 on the Peak Forest Canal. The bridge has a locking mechanism that prevents it from swinging open by it's self. However, the locking bar was jammed and we had to hit it with a windlass to free it up. As it's quite windy the bridge could blow open if we hadn't sorted it meaning the farmer may not be able to get over.
The view from the saloon window
We had no more problems on the way to Marple. We did have a little chat with a fellow boater who was moored up just after swing bridge No25. He gave us some good pointers on where to moor on the Macclesfield Canal.
We decide to go through Marple and moor after Goyt Mill at a place we found on the way out to Bugsworth, we will stay here a few days and have a walk around and get our laundry done.

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