Monday, 3 April 2017

Too full to move at Burscough Wharf

What a wonderful day we had yesterday and it’s a good job we’d not planned to be on the move, as we were overloaded with 8 adults and 3 children. The weather was fine so we could spread out on the boat & towpath too. My sister Louise & nephew Jack dropped by after attending a wedding in Sheffield. Heather & her family were here too, plus Ada & Dale. I zoomed up some cherry scones & did rolls for lunch. The children had more fun than you can imagine making a magic potion in a muddy puddle.

Ada had some holiday to use up so came for a short week break with us and Heather. 

On Mother’s Day Jason drove us to Ingleton Water falls, North Yorkshire. It has got to be the most wonderful walk we’ve ever done. Nikita & Magnus are really good little walkers and loved the just under 5 mile walk, which was pretty steep in places. We took it in turns to carry Lance in the backpack, which is very good exercise. He also loves walking too.

We got up to the main line of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal on 24th March and have been moored right by Burscough Wharf. The weather’s been atrocious with wind and rain so we stayed on the Rufford Branch longer than planned. It’s SO difficult negotiating the swing bridges over the Moss in the wind, even on a still day. In-fact, the day we headed off I got lashed with hail stones as I steered out of Tarleton while John made me hot chocolate.

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to moor right outside The Farmers Arms for knit & natter this Thursday.

I’ve needed some dental treatment and so it’s so handy mooring right opposite the surgery in Burscough.

There has been a beer festival at The Ship, Latham, a 10 min walk along the canal. We went when it stopped raining Saturday. It was lovely to see some Banks & Taylor beer there, so John texted the boys he used to work with to tell them. It was very busy so we left early.

We are now looking forward to our trip into Salthouse Dock, Liverpool at the end of April. To prepare for our trip into the sea water we’ve ordered some zinc sacrificial anodes to hang off the boat as our freshwater magnesium ones won’t protect the hull from cathodic corrosion.

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