Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Ahead of schedule

We are well and truly ahead of our ‘rough’ schedule for our journey south. We usually choose not to travel at the weekends as it’s too busy. Last Saturday was an exception as we just couldn’t miss help from Jack and we didn’t see another boat in Birmingham until we were our the other side!!! 

Yesterday we were just about to moor north of Hatton flight of 21 locks, with the plan of getting up bright and early today to head down, when nb Briar Rose, Braidbar 76 went by at 3pm. We waved and said we’ll do the locks in the morning. However, they said why not go with them now as they have friends at the locks to help them down, it’d be daft not to accept such help. We still thought 3pm was a bit late to do such a large flight. Adrian and Adam on Briar Rose had their friends June and Bob who were boaters up until lately setting the lock ahead so no time was waisted. Bob wanted to beat his personal best time down the flight which was just over 2 hours, well, he was really chuffed, we did it within the two hours AND Adrian had jump ship as he had a conference call to take. 


We now know we can stand up if we fall in


Mooring at Tesco

Today we travelled just a couple of miles and paired up with a hire boat to go down the 2 locks into Warwick. There was a CRT chap on the bank asking us to go very slowly & carefully past the workmen building a dam for some future work required. It’s been like ‘old mother Hubbard's cupboard’ here for a few day. So we stocked up at Tesco, just one of the 2 super markets in Warwick that have shoppers mooring. This evening we’re moored near the village of Radford Semele, we’re not too sure how to pronounce the second part of the village’s name though!

Going over the River Avon

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