Sunday, 17 September 2017

Heading south for the winter.

So we’re heading south for the winter, it’ll take us about 15 days to get to Leighton Buzzard as we’ll be just pootling along. We’re planning to spend winter between Northampton and Uxbridge, possibly, as plans do rather change. It’s a good job we don’t need to go via Manchester as there’s major subsidence on one of the locks on Marple flight, so it’s closed indefinitely.

Congleton Wharf

 We spent last couple of nights in Congleton, one of the nicest little towns we’ve moored at. This morning John went for a stroll to take some pics and I wiped the port side of the boat down and cleaned the portholes. Yesterday I polished the brass. We moved just a couple of miles today, it was a lovely warm and sunny morning, however, we’d not gone far before the heavens opened. So, the fire’s on.

Dog Lane Aquaduct Congleton
Congleton Wharf

Last weekend we were at the Braidbar Owners Group annual gathering (5 days of socialising, eating & drinking….perfect), which incorporates the boat yard’s open day. It was the third time we’ve attended, but the first time on our own boat and for the whole 5 days. The year before last our boat was a bare shell with just the insulation foam on the walls. Our boat was the third youngest there and we had lots of visitors view the boat on the open day. The weather was atrocious with just short breaks in the torrential rain, the tow path was a canal too. 

Higher Poynton

My sister Samantha, Paul & boxer Blue came for the day while we were at Poynton. They were holidaying in a cottage just 26 miles from where we were. We actually managed a nice walk along the Middlewood Way without getting rained on.

I’ve had my fold up ‘Joy’ spinning wheel for 4 years now and have only just started to use it. It’s much more versatile and user friendly than my previous ‘Ashford’ wheel. I’m having a plying frenzy at the moment and using the large bag of drop spindle singles I’ve accumulated. I’ve now got 14 hanks of yarn which add up to 1.4kg. 

Tomorrow we’re entering unfamiliar territory and the Harecastle Tunnel. This year we’ve only covered 56 'new' miles that we've not travelled before, as we spent our first winter on the Macclesfield & Peak Forest Canals. Once we get to Norton Junction on the Grand Union Canal we’ll be on familiar ground (or water) as we holidayed between there and Limehouse Basin when hiring.

Someone's pet hawks
Thirsty cows

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