Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Milton Keynes

Chain Reaction
Head, Campbell Park

Onwards and Upwards
This is our second day moored in Milton Keynes. It’s amazingly lovely cruising through Milton Keynes with all it’s parks, in the past we’ve just got frustrated with all the roundabouts. The canal skirts around the north and east of the city and the leafy corridors separate the houses from the canal. Yesterday’s Hurricane Ophelia didn’t effect us really and actually blew all the leaves off of the boat. However, all the dust accumulated in the sky from the Sahara Desert appears to have been deposited on the boat. Yesterday I made my first batch of mincemeat. We strolled though the lovely Campbell Park to the shops, but we didn’t have the camera with us to snap the strange orange sun and sky, at one point it was SO dark. This morning John nipped back through Campbell Park to take some photos and he decided the view was nice but not as beautiful as from the White Nancy in Bollington. 

Light Pyramid. Not quite the White Nancy.

Ada & Dale popped over for a few hours Saturday, such a change from a VERY long drive to get to us.

There are an acute shortage of shops in what seems to be very remote Northamptonshire, I think we were spoilt last year on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, all the villages had nice shops. So, we decided to do a Tesco home delivery, as it would cost us both return to MK on the bus over £15!!!! Ada gave me the code on a voucher delivered to the house so the delivery was free. We know other boaters do it, just put in a post code near by. But I was rather worried the driver wouldn’t follow my delivery instructions which stated “we don’t live at The Manor House, meet us at the bridge past the church”, so John want to loiter outside The Manor and I waited by the bridge. It was all fine and the driver gave John a lift from The Manor & we managed to lug it all back to the boat in one trip.

Spot the bullock

We spent the last week at Grafton Regis very close to our friends Pauline & Martin of P&M Woolcraft. We’d arranged to meet them last year at Yarndale in Skipton. Before we posted our last blog, I e-mailed them to let them know we were near by, as soon as I clicked ‘send’ the e-mail I heard John shouting at a cyclist, just as he was stopping anyway when he saw the boat, it was Martin. We had lunch at their house and did some shopping in their Aladdin's cave. Their cooking apples have gone into the mince meat. The Great & Blue Tits have eaten us out of nuts, they ate 2/3 of the basket in a day!!!


We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone in the south and we’re amazed we’ve been away for nearly 2 years.

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