Thursday, 26 October 2017

Soulbury Three Locks

I’m feeling REALLY odd these last few weeks being back on familiar waters and it’s like having to go home and back to work shortly. We’re moored below Soulbury Three Locks ready for John to spend the last day of the VLK season this Sunday with his lockie mate Dick. Yesterday was a glorious day, so warm and the washing dried in the sun, polished the brass and sat out until the past the sun going down, plus a Chinook did a fly past to welcome us. Today however, feels like autumn, damp, misty, cold and dull AND we caught a robin in the galley nibbling crumbs on the counter (shame the camera wasn’t handy)!!! Yesterday we had our first southern fuel boat delivery of the winter from Jules Fuels.

nb's Burnt Oak, Bideford & Towcester

Last Saturday we were moored right by Fenny Stratford station and were there bright and early to catch the 08.37 to Bedford so I could go to Bedfordshire Guild of Weavers Spinner & Dyers meeting. John had arranged to meet some of his old colleagues at The Albion in Ampthill. However, due to a broken down train ALL trains were cancelled until 13.04….WHAT? We’ve used public transport for almost 2 years and have NEVER experienced such delays. Ada & Dale came to our rescue & chauffeured us to Flitwick/Ampthill & back. It was so good to see our friends after such a long time.
There were lots of wind-fall crab apples at Fenny and we enjoyed watching the little mouse cram as much as it could into it’s mouth and then climb the hedge to see if he could work out how to raid the bird feeder.


Before we left Milton Keynes last week we walked along the River Ouzal, which was beautiful. I couldn't resist the swing and the logs in the water to aid fish spawning were interesting to see. 

We’ve had lots of visitors already and no doubt many more as we hang about in Herts, Beds & Bucks over the winter. Jo and just two of her bulldogs popped by. Edmund with friend from Luton and Ada & Dale can pop by easily.

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