Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Marsworth & Hitchin for knitting

We spent 5 days at Soulbury before heading further southwards. Last Friday I went to Hitchin Stitchin group, where I’d not been for 2 years. I hadn’t told anyone I was going just incase the 07.00 bus didn’t turn up (after our train episode last week). As I was at the bus stop I could see the stars in the sky, but a mist appeared over the canal and River Ouzel Valley. As a car headlights shone on my back I could see a my ghostly shadow in the mist as if I was hovering over the canal. I had such a lovely time knitting or should I say chatting and was forced to have lunch with Clare and she gave me a huge bag of her Bramley apples.
Saturday we had lunch at The Three Locks pub before the 7 of us plus Rossi, Dale’s parents Alsation all crammed into the boat for birthday cake and more drinks.
Sunday John put on his blue CRT volunteer clothes and headed up to lock keep with Dick as it was the last day of the volunteer season. As we’re going to be in the area until next spring he’s offered to do the locks when we’re there.

We moored in Marsworth for a couple of days. We walked into Tring around the reservoirs, whose levels are very low, I guess we need to wish for lots of rain so they fill up. Wednesday evening we spent in The Red Lion pub with the knitting group. All the other knitters there have permanent moorings at Marsworth and we’ve not seen the for 2 years too. It felt SO ODD leaving the pub & going to the boat instead to driving home. I think the weirdness of being near home/work’s going to take ages to get used to. Louise and Paul came for Sunday breakfast and to help us up Marsworth flight.

At the moment we're moored in Berkhamsted. We’ve had two stunningly beautiful winter mornings,Monday we waited for the mist clear before we set off as with the sun on it, we were blinded.

The water was so clear we could see the bottom.

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