Monday, 21 March 2016

A day of firsts

Three firsts!!!!!!!

What a day of firsts!!!!  
We set off from Chester to moor a few miles from Ellesmere Port.  The third bridge we went under there was a VERY loud twanging, pinging & boinging, almost a tuneful sound from the prop. I managed to leap off the bow to hold the center line while John delved down the weed hatch, where he retrieved a large bit of coiled metal with colourful material attached.  
On closer inspection it was one of those collapsible tunnels kids play with or dogs doing agility go through.  I need to keep a close eye on him over the next couple of days as he got quite a gash on his hand in the untangling process.
And on our way we went.  

Within a few minutes our second and third firsts came into view.
A field full of Jacob ewes and their lambs. I was getting a bit worried they didn't have lambs in the north west. Along side this amazing field we saw a pair of kingfishers.  They played 'cat'n mouse' with us for a fair old distance.
 Such a shame we couldn't get a photo of the lambs and the kingfishers in the same shot.
We're now moored near Chester Zoo.  We strolled up the lane that goes straight through the middle of the zoo and we saw camels, donkeys & deers.

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